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How to determine book cover spine width pen and the pad. Different printers use different paper, which determines the spine width, which is why this calculator is specific to amazon kdp and createspace same paper. This online calculator tool will help you arrive at the dimensions your full cover needs to be for amazon kdp or for createspace or you can just use it to figure your spine width. To calculate the dimensions of your books finished cover size, use our calculator to determine the exact size of your cover. The spine layout is incorporated into the cover artwork for. Choose your paper type and the number of pages your book will include and our easy to use spine calculator will work out the size your spine needs to be. Some useful information on spine widths help center. Before we can provide you with the measurements, we first need to know exactly how many pages are in the book, and determine the paper thickness and finish.

Calculating your spine width please read the following information carefully firstly, the spine width calculator is only applicable to perfect bound books. How thick do i make the spine on my perfect bound book. We can print, bind and distribute your books in any format and any run length. Weight and spine width calculator ingrams lightning source. The spine width of a book is dependent upon how many pages are in the book. Ctp printers is the book printing leader in southern africa. It is used to calculate the spine width as the front and rear cover artwork plus the spine are all done in one layout. And you can have peace of mind knowing that all of our printing services are performed in our digital book manufacturing facility located in tecumseh, michigan. Professional book cover designers and amateurs who wish to design their own book cover need to know how to determine the book cover spine width. Free perfect bound spine width calculator publication. Standard book sizes, dimension, and specifications chart. This is the total number of pages in your book, not the number of sheets.

Mulitple paper types to give you an accurate measurement. Dimension information for creating an actual project, should be calculated on our specification calculator for exact spine, cover, and page measurements. Subtract the existing minimum spine width dimension listed on the front cover from the spine dimension found by using the formula perfect bound or the calculator table casewrap in this pdf and add that value to the. If the spine of the book is 3mm or more we will be able to print text, images or a logo onto the spine. Gutenberg press offers you the opportunity to create your branded custom. Create a paperback cover amazon kindle direct publishing. Use the book spine calculator to figure out the spine width. To start calculating the spine width of your book, simply choose your book type and enter the page count below. Book spine width calculator for hardback and paperback books. Simply put in your page count, book interior trim and paper color and your jacket cover size will instantly appear at the bottom with all the details. Please feel free to use our book spine thickness calculator to determine the spine thickness of your softcover book project. We will provide a template with the measurements and spine width for dust jacket, cover, and or cover wrap. Book cover spine width refers to a books thickness.

This cover calculator provides the dimensions needed for softcover books, dust jackets and printed wrap and linen hardcovers. If the books spine is over 4mm we will be able to add foil blocking to it. Covid 19 digital print australia is open for business and continuing to produce online work. Hardback book covers the diagram below will help to identify the separate components of a hardback book cover. The spine size is determined by what options you selected in the online quoter, such as paper weight, number of pages, formatting, etc. First and foremost, we would like to wish all australians the best of luck in the coming months, and we hope that you and your families remain safe and well. Softback book spine thickness calculator hardback book. The printing and packaging industry is deemed an essential industry as a key component in the supply chain to other essential industries.

This part will wrap around to the backside of the cover boards. Spine width calculato 2 adobe photoshop adjust the canvas size, revise the spine width, and position the cover guides. Text should be centered horizontally along the width of the spine and have a minimum gap of 116 inches between it and the. If you are trying to determine the size of the spine of your book. Calculating spine width and book weight before your book. Ingramsparks requirements for creating your printondemand and ebook files. The width of the spine will depend on the number of pages in your book and the type of paper.

Use this spine width calculator to get an approximate measurement of the width of your spine for your book printing project this measurement is crucial in making sure you setup your hardcover, softcover, or dust. Lay your book on a flat surface and hold the piece of cardboard against your book at the bottom of the spine. Weight and spine width calculator ingramspark book calculator. Simply put your book specifications into our easy to use book spine thickness calculator on the right and find out the final width of your hardback or softback book spine. My book size is not listed in your calculator in most instances you can use the book size which is slightly larger than your book. The spine calculator will decide the appropriate spine width for your book. Custom printed book size calculator provides instant artwork template sizes for cover, bleed, spine size based on book page count, paper stock and finished size. You may note that you need to have a final layout of your book s interior before you can calculate spine width. Selfpublishing tools free selfpublishing resources for. Landscape books, however, could require a custom quotation. Once youve taken all of the above into consideration, its time to calculate spine width for your book cover. When youre artworking a onepiece cover for a book with a flat spine and soft cover perfectbound, pur bound or sewn, youll need to include the right width for the spine. Custom printed book spine size calculator alta graphics.

Full cover design dimensions calculator for amazon kdp and. Once you have provided your isbn number the page count and book type fields will automatically populate. The spine width of a paperback perfect bound book is dependent on three things. Spine width calculator estimates star print brokers. The number of pages, including romannumeraled frontmatter pages and blank pages. Then do the same for the the width, which is the dimension perpendicular to the spine. Use this tool to determine the weight and spine width of your print titles. Based in minneapolis, minnesota, bookmobile began as a design and typesetting production house in 1982 and started offering print services in 1996. Enter the total number of pages below, choose a paper type, and your spine width. Use the form below to calculate the spine width and weight of your books. If you are designing the cover for your perfect bound book, you will need to include a spine.

The width of the spine is determined by the amount of pages in the book and type of binding, e. Dont forget to order your perfect bound books today. If you need help deciding what paper type to print on check out our guide, or get in touch if you have any questions. For example, if your book has both a main title and subtitle, the main title should appear at the top of the spine. This is essential because the spine width needs to be integrated into the final cover design. The spine width of a paperback book is dependent on three things. Common spine elements to add after the book title include author name, publisher name or publisher logo. Create a template for your book cover design, with email. Spine calculator for perfect bound books flexpress. Showing the spine width on the blurb pdf calculator doesnt help. It allows you to enter the number of pages and choose your paper type. For example, the spine width of a 200pp book printed on 79gsm bulky paperback will be 2002 x 0. Weve created this handy tool which uses the thickness of paper to accurately calculate the correct width youll need to allow for your perfect bound book spine. When your project comes to bookmobile, it gets the benefit of.

The spine width plays heavily into how you should set up things like your hardcover design, softcover design, or dust jacket. How do i calculate spine thickness for perfect bound book. Spine width calculator and book sizes printondemand. If you want to figure out the thickness of your books spine, use our handy spine width calculator to determine the book spine width and the overall height and width of your book cover. Unless you have a dummy and can measure it with a ruler, or can trust your printer to calculate it for you, this is how to go about it. The calculator below will determine the spine width given the number of pages and paper weight in gsm.

Our spine width calculator is designed to help you understand what spine width your book will require. The spine calculator is the best aid for authors and also being familiar with the createspace cover template, createspace book sizes template and createspace spine calculator is going to allow the. The number of pages the thickness of the paper, expressed in pages per. Book spine calculator book thickness calculator what is a book. We, the customer have no idea how the different page thicknesses that are offered as options will effect the spine width. The spine calculator is best to be used by a graphic artist, or authors with a good knowledge of using page layout programs like adobe. Youll also need printer specifications, including paper weight and cover paper weight. Print my book a leading book printer who offers a vast array of services to publishers and selfpublishing authors. As you add text to your cover, make sure it exactly matches the book details e. Book spine calculator book thickness calculator what. Place your ruler against the cardboard and measure to the top of your book, making sure to account for the extra length at the end of the ruler. Number of inside pages 1 sheet 2 pages excluding front covers and inside covers. Please note that imagewrap books do not have cover flaps.

This form calculates the width of the spine of a paperback book based on paper basis weight, page count, and allowance for. Enter the number of pages in your book in the appropriate column for the type of paper you are using, and select calculate to find the width of the spine. Learn about the book spine and how to calculate the thickness of a book. With immediate effect, a production line has been dedicated to the production of face shields. Printondemandworldwide makes it easy to calculate the right spine width and choose the right book size for your perfect book. To calculate the spine width of your book you can do that here. Once you create and save your quote, your templates will account for the correct spine width. Use our form to calculate the spine width and weight of your books. Our spine width calculator is helpful for publishers who need quick calculations for the appropriate size their spine image or artwork must be. There is a preset value that a book s page count must be multiplied by in order to determine the spine width. Book spine width calculator to give you the exact spine size for paperback and hardback books. Createspace spine calculator choosing a spine for your book. We love engaging with authors and listening to how we can bring. The book printing company is a family owned business, and along with many other family owned businesses throughout australia, we.

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