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Season 2, episode 12 december 1, 1985 punky and cherie soleil moon frye, cherie johnson think their new friend looks like a missing girl pictured on a milk carton. Punky brewster is an american sitcom about a young girl being raised by a foster parent. See more ideas about punky brewster, soleil moon frye and foster parenting. Kid season 2, episode 1 of punky brewster or get episode details on nbc. The series featured the original cast voicing their respective characters. Watch parents night season 1, episode 6 of punky brewster or get episode details on nbc. Watch punky brewster season 2, episode 10 love thy neighbor. Hey punky peeps, im angela bowen the host of punky power. The cast of punky brewster in season 2 clockwise from left. This box set contains every episode from the second season of the familythemed situation comedy punky brewster. Punky convinces him to record his music, but he falls in with a shady record exec. This animated version of the series came a year after the liveaction counterpart.

Punky was a precocious 7yearold at the series start. October, 1985 when it comes to tapdancing punky has two left feet, so she decides to quit dance class to avoid embarrassment. That means double the punky, double the fun and double the laughs. Duclon and airing on nbc and later in syndication about abandoned child penelope punky brewster her father walked out on her and her mom left punky and her pet dog, brandon, at a grocery store, played by soleil moon frye, and her adoptive father, henry, played by george gaynes best known for his role as cmdt. During the christmas shopping season, punky sees a friend shoplifting merchandise and decides to steal a present she cant afford for henry. Rent punky brewster 1984 on dvd and bluray dvd netflix. The show ran on nbc from september 16, 1984 to march 9, 1986, and again in syndication from october 30. Buy, rent punky brewster, season 2 episode 6, is available to watch and stream on syndicated. The 5 part episode changes will be one whole episode where i will touch on the main points of the episode. Henry invites richard whitney and his daughter julie, the new neighbours, over for dinner. Punky in the record business andy gibb is back, and this time, hes punkys piano instructor. Of the 18 episodes weve watched so far, we are unable to watch 2 of them even though we bought the full season.

Cherie johnson, susie garrett, george gaynes, casey ellison, soleil moon frye. Watch punky brewster online full episodes of season 4 to. The opener finds punky at odds with her foster father, henry george gaynes, over her punishment for cheating at school. The episodes s2e10 love thy neighbor and the perils of punky parts 1 and 2 will be released on october 31 in honor of halloween. The episodes are spread out over four discs, with five on disc one, six on the second platter, five episodes on the third and six on the last dvd. Youre in for a treat its a punky power podcast double feature two podcast episodes in one, so sit back, get comfy and settle in for punky brewster s2e20. Punky brewster is an american television series created by david w. The buildings manager, a curmudgeon by the name of henry, discovers her in his building and decides to take her in and punky tries in turn to bring some joy into henrys life. I didnt even though they put these on dvds until i saw them on here.

This 10 episode set from the hit tv show has been captivating audiences old and young for years. Actress soleil moon frye resurrects her iconic character. On halloween night, a woman named isabelle peavy behaves rudely to the children in punkys building and refuses to give. Punky, cherie and julie are making a cake for dinner when they see julies picture on the back of a milk carton, and it says her real name is jennifer bates. When she was seven years old, frye won the role of penelope punky brewster in the sitcom punky brewster. Its punky brewster episode guide rubyspears prods big. The 22 secondseason episodes of punky brewster come spread over four dvds, packed in an 8panel gatefold digipack package. At lunch time, the school bully, moose mcgurk, takes lunches from punkys friends, but punky wont let moose take hers, so moose drags punky into. I will stick with just purchasing the dvd copy, which i would have done, but. Soleil moon frye stars as the abandoned little girl with an indomitable spirit who, with her faithful dog brandon, brings light and laughter into the life of a grumpy old. Season 1 episode 4 punky gets her own room lost and found 10071984. The series revolves around a girl named punky brewster soleil moon frye being raised by her foster parent henry warnimont george gaynes. Punky brewster is a 198488 dom com created and executive produced by david w. Both a touching portrait of her makeshift family and a joyful ride through her childhood adventures, punky brewster was a 1980s benchmark in fun, innocent te.

Punky is a homeless tomboy that is taken in by henry warnemont. She began her career as a child actor at the age of two. The punky brewster tv show was a 30 minute comedy series that aired on nbc for its first two seasons and then in syndication for the final two seasons. It was about a little girl whose father walked out on the family and then her mother abandoned her along with her dog brandon in a chicago area shopping center. Watch punky brewster season 2 episode 6 the perils of.

Punky, henry and the gang are back for another season of the classic hit show. In season 3 of the sitcom, punky soleil moon frye begins to spread her wings, evolving from a streetsavvy youngster into a precocious preteen. English soundtracks are rendered in dolby digital stereo. An unofficial punky brewster podcast and guess what. You can also buy, rent punky brewster on demand at amazon online. Linda is the sweet and kindhearted custodian at punkys school, but her mental disabilities have left her with very low. Each episode is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1. We love watching punky brewster, but i will never do the online instant video version again. The show aired original episodes on nbc from september 16, 1984, to march 9, 1986, and again in firstrun syndication from october 30, 1987, to may 27, 1988. When 7yearold punky brewster is abandoned by her parents and left alone with her dog brandon, she decides to crash in an abandoned apartment building in chicago. This was around the time that the phrase very special episode came about on shows like diffrent strokes and growing. Season 2, episode 5 tap your troubles away first aired. Watch punky brewster episodes online season 2 1986.

While punky and her friends search for a missing brandon, the dog is taken in by a boy carl steven whose family is about to move to california. The series, which debuted on nbc in september 1984, earned consistently low ratings but the punky character was a hit with. Punky brewster reboot will air on peacock streaming service. Season 3 finds her in the fifth grade, with some slightly weightier issues on her mind.

Punky brewster will always be a show to cherish and full of laughs. Season 2 1985 starring george gaynes and soleil moon frye on dvd and bluray. Jennifer storms to her apartment and shows richard the milk. Season 4 episode 22 wedding bells for brandon 5 271988. Punky brewster season 1 episode 22 watch online msn. Punkys only wish is to find her mom, and with some help, henry tries to find her. Will be seeing season three after i watch season two which it will be soon. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using chromecast. Mikes friend, boxer marvelous marvin hagler, comes to punkys class and talks about boxing. Watch punky brewster the perils of punky 1 s2 e6 online watch online anytime.

Season 4 episode 19 one plus tutor is three 5 241988. The cartoon was produced by rubyspears and aired on nbc from september 14, 1985, to december 6, 1986. Watch punky brewster season 2, episode 11 the gift. Punky brewster spawned an animated spinoff, its punky brewster. Punky brewster season 2 episode 22 episodio completo hd. Part 5 season 2, episode 14 of punky brewster or get episode details on nbc. Punky pulls out all the stops when henry forbids her from going to a rock concert. Punky brewster tv show season 1 episodes list next episode. Punky soleil moon frye is saddened when a social worker takes her away from henry george gaynes. The cw 201920 season ratings updated 5 0720 fox 201920 season ratings updated 5 0720. Season 1 guide for punky brewster tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary.

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